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Review: Rawstyle Weapons Sample Pack by Singomakers

Rawstyle Weapons Sample Pack


Recently, more and more we can hear about Hardstyle. To be honest, it doesn’t surprise me – mostly emotional and powerful melodies, climatic intros and hard kick (sometimes also reverse basses – in 2017 they were in a lot of tracks).

What more could you want? We can say honestly: Hardstyle passes gradually from underground genre to world-class music.

And if we are talking about Hardstyle… Can u hear that? It’s „Rawstyle Weapons” from bestselling Sound Design Label Singomakers, which samples were used in tracks released by such labels as Spinnin’ Records, Revealed, Toolroom, Ultra and many, many more and their name is derived from „Technical Singularity” – as they wrote on their Fanpage: „Bringing the Technical Future and people together in Music”.

Nothing unusual, that Singomakers’ motto is „We make the future”. Does it really apply to „Rawstyle Weapons” pack? Let’s check it!


Supposedly inspiration for this pack was – as we can read on – artists such as Digital Punk, E-Force, Warface, Radical Redemption, Endymion, Hard Driver, Kronos, Adaro, Sub Sonik, Malua, Sub Zero Project and more.

I don’t hide the fact, that the pack content was a surprise for me – primarily Kick Constructor. I see something like this first time and I am positively surprised.

It’s a folder that contains all kind of sound elements to create new kicks – see the video below.

It’s a big tip of the hat to artists – especially that making good Hardstyle kick is labor-intensive.

Rawstyle Weapons contains 1267 samples:

  • 20 Drum Fills
  • 51 Drum Loops
  • 60 FX & Synth Fills
  • 150 Kick Constructor Samples
  • 131 Music & Screech MIDI Files
  • 76 Music Loops
  • 20 Clap Samples
  • 10 Crashes & Rides
  • 24 Hats
  • 56 Rawstyle Kicks
  • 30 Screeches Dry
  • 30 Screeches Wet
  • 30 Snares
  • 257 Rex2 Files
  • 14 Soft Sampler Patches for Battery, EXS24, Kontakt 2+ & NNXT
  • 110 Screech Loops (Dry & Wet)
  • 100 SFX
  • 42 Vocals
  • 26 Massive Presets
  • 10 Serum Presets
  • 20 Spire Presets

We can say that authors offered us a sizeable kit. Additionally – as creators said on the official website – all samples are 100% royalty free.

It means that we can use it in our track, which can be released by the label, uploaded on Youtube, radio, and also we can earn money with it, which we can receive from streaming on Spotify or selling, for example, on Google Store.

Returning to the pack topic… To be honest, I don’t like kick loops, but it’s my subjective opinion – all depends on taste and my taste argues with these loops.

But it doesn’t mean that these loops are bad. Rest of the pack is, in my opinion, good, but screeches could be a little bit more solid – but it’s again about taste.

Interesting – as I said before – addition is Kick Constructor Pack. If someone from you played Saints Row or The Sims, then he/she knows, that there was something like character creator.

And this part of the pack is like character creator – we can create our kick from 150 samples – Toks, Tails, Subtails, and Preshiters.

I liked this option and also I spent with it a lot of time. Interesting addition were also vocals that contain shouts and rap rhymes, which are perfect with attached Trap beat loops.


Is Singomakers’ motto true with the pack? In a sense, yes. For sure we can call „future” Kick Construction Pack.

What about rest of the pack? It’s good, nothing more.

It’s nothing new, but is that bad? I’m not sure. But we can be sure about one thing – it’s very good pack, but not the best.

After all, work with it is very comfortable and samples are really high quality and good sounding.

A nice aspect is that author didn’t limit himself – we can use samples from the pack in Hardcore, Speedcore and more Hard Dance genres.

As we can read on pack’s website: „These samples are suitable for artists who want to hear their own tracks at festivals like Dominator, Q-Base, Defqon1, Qlimax, Qapital, Supremacy, Decibel and focused on labels like END OF LINE, MINUS IS MORE, NIGHTBREED, ROUGHSTATE, A2 RECORDS, THE RECORDS and more”.

What can I say? I’m going to use this pack and we will see if I would hear my tracks on this events!

Signomakers’s „Rawstyle Weapons” is available at different prices – according to what are we looking for. ZIP costs (on 33.71€.

Strong point is that we don’t have to buy all pack and pay for something we don’t need (as it was with Mrotek – Rawstyle, that has been reviewed by us) – we can buy every part of the pack individually.

„Don’t miss Rawstyle Weapons sample collection and get your copy today!”

Download Link: Rawstyle Weapons 

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