R.A.O.N Series Bundle VST Plugins by audioD3ck

audioD3ck R.A.O.N Series Bundle VST Plugins

audioD3ck is a professional audio company based in Germany and is the newest member on the PluginBoutique store. With this occasion they introduces the R.A.O.N Series Bundle and an exclusive 30% off introductory sale for their plugins.

R.A.O.N series, which stands for Ridiculous Amounts Of Noise, includes four quality and flexible audio processors plugins for your mixing tasks.


ChopChop Compressor Plugin

ChopChop by audioD3ck is a very flexible compressor with a distinct sound, designed to be reasonably clean while operating with a very fast attack time and classic peak detection. With a very simple user interface, designed for a optimal workflow and featuring external side-chain, ChopChop can be used to duck tracks or tame fighting frequencies. Buy Separately


channel strip vst plugin

ST-R-I-P plugin is an analog inspired channel strip for Windows and MAC available in VST/AU plugin formats. ST-R-I-P features subtle saturation and noise to emulate the behaviour of analog mixing desks. You can give some texture and depth to your mix while having traditional sound shaping features like compression and equalising at your fingertips. Buy Separately


krucz maximizer vst plugin

KRUCZ is a maximizer plugin from the R.A.O.N. series and is the audioD3CK’s version of a look ahead maximizer. Featurers a great design and it ranges from clean to totally smashed and will not turn your audio into harsh dirt when driven hard. Buy Separately


o-clip clipping vst plugin

o-clip is a simple clipping plugin with the usual audioD3CK features. Boost your tracks without aliasing! Buy Separately

“Oversampling is a technique used to prevent aliasing at low sample rates, a common and mostly undesired artifact created by digital audio processing. There are numerous ways of achieving this goal. With audioD3CK you can oversample your way!”

R.A.O.N series is available at Plugin Boutique for both Windows and MAC, for a regular price of £67.60 / $104.34. Check the link bellow for special promotions.

More Details/Download: R.A.O.N Series Bundle



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