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QUAD – Rack Extension Synth for Reason by Rob Papen

QUAD by Rob Papen
Rob Papen presents QUAD, his first Rack Extension synthesizer built from the ground up for Reason music making software. It features two oscillators with a seemingly simple arsenal of classic waveforms. The sonic palette is huge though, through the vast modulation possibilities that QUAD has to offer.

QUAD’s oscillators are complemented by two top notch analogue modelled filters, an arpeggiator and two high quality effects processors.

The oscillators can be combined through many cross modulation functions – generating a wide range of harmonics. These tools are brought to life by four XY-Pads, which can be moved through an extensive modulation matrix. The movements can be recorded as automation directly into Reason’s sequencer.


  • 2 oscillators with classic subtractive waveforms
  • Phase Distortion with X/Y control and 21 distortion types in each oscillator
  • Whave Shaper with X/Y control and 21 shape types in each oscillator
  • Two filters with routing options: serial, parallel and oscillator
    Oscillator mode means that oscillator-1 goes into filter-1 and oscillator-2 into filter-2
  • 16 step arpeggiator
  • Polyphonic (16voice), Mono, Legato, Arp and Unison play mode

Available only at Propellerhead RE shop for €99.00.

More Details: Rob Papen QUAD

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