PurpleDrums Free Ableton Live 9.5 Project by Symplesound

PurpleDrums Free Ableton Live Project

Symplesound brings PurpleDrums, a new free educational Ableton Live project based on a faithful re-creation of Prince’s definitive “Minneapolis” drum sound & production process.

This free Ableton Live project includes a drum rack based on samples from both the LM-1 and LinnDrum, processed in his unique style – and 10 royalty-free all-original MIDI loops, inspired by Prince’s approach to groove programming.


  • Custom Drum Rack w/integrated effects
  • Eight Macros tailored to the “Minneapolis Sound”
  • 10 royalty-free original MIDI drum loops
  • 16 Linn LM-1 and LinnDrum samples
  • Interactive manual explaining Prince’s approach to drum production
  • Compatible with Live 9.5 and higher
  • Full Push Compatibility

PurpleDrums Ableton Live project is available for Free Download via Symplesound website. For more details and download option please check the link below.

More Details: PurpleDrums