Pure Pulse for Massive by Piggy Sounds

Pure Pulse Massive Patches

Rafael Hofstadter, owner of Piggy Sound label and also one of most active ProducerSpot’s authors & reviewers, has released Pure Pulse, a new collection of 30 Massive patches and presets created from Pulse and Square waveforms including fat basses, evolving pads, punchy stabs, mono/poly leads, sequenced patches and more.

In total expect to find 6 Basses, 4 Mono Leads, 5 Pads, 6 Polys and 9 Sequences.

Pure Pulse for Massive is available via PiggySounds store priced at $12.

Update: Giveaway Has Ended!

Now let’s talk about the Giveaway!

Piggy Sounds offers three free copies of Pure Pulse for Massive for anyone who subscribes to our newsletter using the form below. If you already signed up to our newsletter then you automatically participate in this giveaway.

Winners: vilyvinilo@###, oddandfearless@###, josuagc@###

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