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Punching Percussion Free Sound Effects Pack by 99Sounds

Punching Percussion Free Sounds

99Sounds has released Punching Percussion, a freeware collection of punches sounds, impacts and more sound effects recorded and designed by Joshua Crispin aka Generdyn, an Australian talented sound designer.

This free sample pack includes 105 raw fist punch and stick hits that can be used in various projects such as fighting sound effects for movies or video games and not only. This sounds can be used as percussive hits and impact sounds for music production.

Each folder contains two subfolders – one for the organic raw sounds and one for the post-processed hits. The raw sounds were made by punching a boxing bag with a straight hand and a boxing glove, as well as hitting it with a stick and dropping it on the floor. The processed hits go one step further, turning these awesome sounding raw hits and punches into production-ready sound effects and percussive sounds.

Punching Percussion includes 105 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format: 47 fight sound effects, 48 impacts and 10 cinematic hits, all categorized into six subfolders for easier browsing. Download size is 14.3 MB (the download is provided as a ZIP archive).

More Details/Download: Punching Percussion

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