Puncher Multi-FX Plugin Released by W.A Production

WA Production Puncher VST Plugin

Puncher from W.A. Production is a new multi-FX VST / AU plug-in for Windows and Mac, which – as the name suggests – would like to put punch into your production.

W. A. Production Puncher is a plug-in for Windows and Mac, which combines several processors. A transient designer can be found as well as a multiband compressor and a parallel compressor. And there’s a lush introductory price!

With this cutlery, it is possible to strengthen the attack of the kick drum, at the same time to form the stomach over compression and to give even more pressure over parallel processing of the kick drum.  Of course, the plug-in can also be applied to beats or percussion to give it more punch.

WA Puncher Compressor VST Plugin

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The graphical user interface is rather simple. The operation is very clear because only three parameters for the mixing ratio of the three processors can be found on the front. Small buttons allow users to go one level deeper and make detailed settings for each processor – e.g. the cutoff frequencies of the multiband compressor. In addition, you get a few presets for different areas of application, which are a great starting point.

The W. A. Production Puncher plug-in will be available in the manufacturer’s shop for only $ 13.80 until September 30th. The price will rise to 69 US dollars in November, so now it’s the best time to get it.

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