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PSP L’otary – Leslie Rotary VST Effect by PSP Audioware

PSP L'otary VST Plugin

PSP Audioware proudly present the PSP L’otary, a master quality emulation VST / AU plugin of legendary Leslie 122 and 147 rotary speakers that will provide you best control over the sound comparative with the hardware.

Brief History

Leslie Speaker 122
Leslie Speaker 122
The Leslie 122 series was specifically designed for Hammond organs, recommended for larger organs whose pedal range extends down to the lower frequencies. The sound is “separated” with the highs reproduced by the spinning horn rotor and the lows coming from the bass rotor.

Leslie Speaker 147
The Leslie Model 147 is the same as Model 145 except the cabinet is 8 inches larger. The Model 147RV is the improved version of 147 that contains all the same components of the Model 147, plus a a reverb generator and independent reverb channel.

Back to the plugin…

First introduced at NAMM 2015 by PSP Audioware, PSP L’otary is capable of reproducing as precisely as possible the classic sounds of those famous rotary speakers.

PSP L’otary plugin is also capable to set up both the rotating high frequency horn and the rotating low frequency drum independently from each other and emulate speakers with a static drum or even a broken horn or drum engine.

Although the graphic user interface is not very good looking, this plugin sounds great and it does its job very well. I think it deserves the attention of any sound designer as many sound engineers already used PSP L’otary in their work.

Alan MeyersonAlan Meyerson, Grammy Winning scoring mixer and engineer has used this plugin in the film score for the Chappie movie.

It’s not only the best rotary sim, it’s one of the best rotary cabinet sounds I’ve ever used. Amazing!

…says Alan Meyerson (Dark Knight, Gladiator, Shrek, King Kong, Sin City, the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Transformers)

PSP L’otary is available VST, AAX and RTAS plugin format for Windows; AudioUnit, VST, AAX and RTAS plugin formats for Mac OSX. You can buy this plugin directly from PluginBoutique, one of the biggest plugin market on Internet. Check the link bellow:

More Details/Buy Options: PSP L’otary

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