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PSP E27 Multistage Equalizer Plugin by PSP Audioware

PSP E27 Multistage Equalizer Plugin

The latest release from PSP Audioware is “PSP E27”, a multistage equalizer is modeled after “Avedis E27 EQ modular equalizer” which is produced by Avedis Audio Electronics. Other than Versatility and its ease of use, Avedis E27 hardware equalizer is also famous for its ability to produce unique characteristic sounds.

PSP E27 is suitable for both mixing and mastering along with three-band equalization and 9 selectable frequencies to select from PSP E27 actually stimulates the non-linear behaviour of the original E27 analog design.

By default, there are three bands per channel and after clicking on the X2 button it opens the other frequency bands available.

PSP E27 Plugin

If you notice, there are frequency parameters on all the knobs that can be used for selecting a specific frequency which can be controlled easily and very effectively within these parameters. Along with gentle saturation, It also provides +\-16db of boost or cut to any selected frequency.

It also provides freedom to choose from a single channel or channels for monitoring along with all the other options to focus on Mid, left, Stereo, Right and Side setting. Monitoring is really helpful while you are mixing and mastering, especially the low end. Low shelf mode is available for five frequencies 63\82\120\200\300 HZ which makes it easy to control the Low frequency.

PSP E27 can easily shape any sonic frequency into a warm and huge sound. Using this in a mix can effortlessly bring out the lows without changing the main character, but if you are looking for something which can actually change the character of the sound completely, they have also added PA11 special module which is more than enough for the purpose.

PA11 additional pre-amp component

PSP E27 EQ Plugin

PSP E27 also have a PA11 module which can be used for preamp processing and external control of E27 along with X2 mode one can layer two sets of the E27 module for further sculpting the sound.

With Drive knob, you can easily increase or decrease the amount of saturation whereas high pass filter knob can be used for removing the unwanted frequencies from the mix. Output knob is useful for making up the lost levels and for balancing the mix.

The other four buttons are for 28k boost, phase for polarity, TrafoX and Amp X. 28k Boost is really useful for adding a gentle and musical boost in any audible frequency band and can be used on vocals for getting the presence in the mix as well. Polarity involves changing the algorithm of E27 modules and lowering the noise and click if compared to consistent processing, whereas TrafoX disables the harmonic production. AmpX clears the mix by disabling distortion which is generated by the active filter circuit emulation in the modules available.

With all these Knobs and settings yet very simple to process, this is no doubt one of the best Equalizer in the market, which not only gives an accurate frequency control but also Analog warmth and character to the sound just like the real hardware Avedis E27 modular EQ.  It’s a “Must buy” for anyone who is looking for a real sounding analog production within the Box!

PSP E27 is available for both Windows and MAC in VST3, VST, AU, RTAS, AAX – 32 and 64 Bit plugin formats.

More Details: PSP E27

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