Dave Smith Prophet X Synthesizer Superbooth18

This year at SUPERBOOTH18 event, Dave Smith announces the Prophet X, a brand new bi-timbral synthesizer with eight stereo voices (16x mono) that combines sampling and synthesis.

According to the manufacturer’s statements, the heart of the newcomer are the two sample-based instruments (16-bit, 48kHz) as well as the two “high-resolution” digital oscillators including waveshape modulation.

In sum, this makes four sound generators that go through analog filters to be buttered softly to a new sound.

The sample-based instruments of the Sequential Prophet X were created in collaboration with the sampling professionals 8Dio, so that musicians can access the highest quality sample instruments.

Dave Smith Prophet X Synthesizer

150 GB of sample content is contained in the Sequential Prophet X, which means a lot of material for acoustic and electronic instruments, cinema sounds, ambient effects and much more.

But even own samples can be incorporated because for Dave Smith has reserved a whopping 50 GB of space.

Of course, users can freely bend these sample-based sounds to whatever the synthesizer has to offer: envelopes, LFOs, dual effect engines (reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, distortion, etc.).

Incidentally, the modulation matrix and the polyphonic sequencer provide up to 64 steps for a lot of movement in the sound and enthralling melodies.

The Dave Smith Prophet X is expected to hit the market in the second quarter of 2018 for $ 3,999 and sounds like a really fat sound generator for demanding producers.

At the upcoming SUPERBOOTH18, you will hopefully learn more about the great novelty Dave Smith Sequential Prophet X.

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Dave Smith Prophet X Synthesizer 2018




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