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Propane Stereo Width Plugin Released by SoundSpot

Propane Stereo VST Plugin

SoundSpot presents PROPANE, a new unique mid-side panner VST, AU plugin for detailed stereo placement.

This stereo panner plugin offers more advanced features than other plugins used for stereo panning.

Propane is coming with a well-designed user interface, intuitive and very easy to use giving you all the needed controls to pan the mid signal separately from the side signal of a stereo track.

With Propane plugin, you can position the mono part of your track in the stereo field as you like, and use the side information to shape the width and stereo image of your track.


  • Fast and intuitive workflow
  • Simultaneous mid/side and left/right separation
  • Smooth bypass function for easy automation without clicks
  • Extremely light on CPU and RAM

Propane is available for both PC and MAC as VST, AU, VST3, AAX plugin.

Get Soundspot’s Propane plugin for only $2.50 (90% OFF Flash Sale) at Plugin Boutique! (link below). This special intro offer expires on January 31, so be sure to catch it!

Download Propane

Propane can be used in combination with the SoundSpot MSW1 stereo widener plugin for full control over the placement of your stereo tracks. MSW1 plug-in has a similar smoothed out bypass function for automation without pops or clicks. So these two plugins combine very well to get awesome results for your productions.

Stereo Width VST Plugin

Download MSW1

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