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VS – Visual Synthesizer

By  Imaginando

With Imaginando’s VS – Visual Synthesizer plugin you can easily create visuals that react to your music and MIDI.

Available for Windows and MAC as VST Plugin, Audio Units Plugin, AAX Plugin.


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Take your music to another dimension with a world of captivating visuals. VS – Visual Synthesizer makes it easy to express your sound optically, in a highly customisable way.

VS – Visual Synthesizer multi-layered shader system allows you to create complex compositions by blending dynamic graphical elements using powerful controls.

Trigger, change and modulate parameters from both audio and MIDI sources, to inject movement into each layer’s “polyphonic visual voices”.

From ambient geometric loops, to rhythmically pulsating patterns, VS extensive modulation options ensure you are always in control.

VS Visual Synthesizer VST iOS App
VS Visual Synthesizer Audio Plugin


The core of VS – Visual Synthesizer is a collection of graphical shaders called materials, which render procedurally generated geometry in real time, based on each material’s set of unique parameters.

VS comes loaded with 50 beautifully hypnotic materials for you to customise and combine, to create mesmerising displays.

Be inspired and get up and running in an instant too, thanks to the factory bank of presets created by audio-visual new media artist Perplex On!

Polyphonic Visual Voices

We’re taking polyphony into the visual domain with the concept of VS’ polyphonic ‘visual voices’. Just like pressing multiple piano keys produces the sound of several notes together, each VS layer can display multiple visual voices of it’s material.


VS – Visual Synthesizer layer-based rendering engine allows you to stack and blend 8 material layers, on top of a custom background image/video layer, with the ability to access and control all layer parameters for a deeply customizable range of creative possibilities.

Open the DAW to a world of visuals

Aswell as a standalone app, VS – Visual Synthesizer comes in a range of plugin formats, which can be run inside a DAW like Ableton, to react directly to your compositions, live in realtime. In terms of MIDI interaction, this gives you huge potential to create amazing visuals right inside your DAW.


  • 35 Factory Presets
  • 8 Polyphonic visual layers
  • 4 voices per layer
  • 50 built-in materials
  • 1 background layer with solid color/image/video (no modulations)
  • 4 LFOs
  • 2 EGs
  • 4 Dual-mode audio input as modulators (peak and band)
  • Built-in video recording feature
  • Syphon (Mac OS)
  • Spout (Windows) output
  • NDI output

Get started in your DAW

In less than 15 minutes!

How to use with Ableton Live

How to use with AUM

How to use with Reaper


  • MAC: Mac OS 10.13 or higher, compatible 64-bit host DAW which supports VST and AU plugin format, plus a minimum of 900 Mb of free disk space to install. Product license activation requires an internet connection.
  • Windows: Windows 10 or higher, compatible 64-bit host DAW which supports VST plugin format, plus a minimum of 900 Mb of free disk space to install. Product license activation requires an internet connection.

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