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By  Zynaptiq

Zynaptiq Unfilter is a real-time EQ audio plug-in that removes filtering effects, such as comb filtering, resonance, or excessive equalization, effectively linearizing the frequency response of a signal automatically.

Available as VST / VST3 / AU / AAX plugin.


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Adaptive Tonal Contour Linearization

Zynaptiq Unfilter is a real-time plugin that allows you to remove or reduce the effects of filtering that was applied to an audio signal during the recording, mixing or mastering process.

Filtering can be applied to audio signals for a variety of reasons, such as to remove unwanted noise or to shape the frequency response of the sound. However, this can also result in unintended artifacts or changes to the original sound.

Zynaptiq Unfilter EQ Plugin GUI

Unfilter uses advanced algorithms to analyze the audio signal and identify the filtering that was applied. It then allows you to adjust the filter parameters to restore the sound to its original state or to achieve a desired effect. This can be particularly useful in situations where you want to restore the dynamics or clarity of a recording that has been heavily filtered, or to create unique sounds by manipulating the filter parameters.


  • Automatically detect and remove resonances, equalization, roll-offs and the effects of comb filtering from musical, location, dialog and surveillance recordings
  • Apply the measured filter response to other signals to place them in the same “acoustic world”
  • Export the measured filter response to or import it from a linear- or minimum-phase impulse response file (WAV)
  • Mastering grade adaptive, free-form and graphic equalization
  • Extremely steep 96dB/octave shelving high-pass filter
  • Output limiter for unsupervised use in batch processing applications
  • Highly time-efficient workflow and UI
  • Multi-Out (Desktop Only)
  • Exceptional Time-Stretching Algorithms
  • Smart Remix Pads Section
  • Disintegration Mode
  • Create your own Packs
  • Tag Presets by Genre
  • Drag Export/Import
  • Send MIDI to any Device, Plugin or Hardware
  • Advanced MIDI CC/Mapping editor
  • No Two Patterns will Ever be the Same

System Requirements

On macOS:

  • Apple Mac computer
  • macOS 10.15.x or newer, 64 bit. For earlier OS from 10.12.x onward, 32/64-bit, older versions may be downloaded
  • Apple Silicon CPU, or Intel CPU with at least 2 Cores (i7 or better recommended)
  • Apple AU (AudioUnits), Steinberg VST 2.4, VST 3 or Avid AAX Native compatible Host software, processing audio as 32 bit float

On Windows:

  • Windows 8, 10, or newer
  • CPU with at least 2 Cores; Intel CPU recommended, i7 or better recommended
  • Steinberg VST 2.4, VST 3 or Avid AAX compatible 64-bit host software, processing audio as 32 bit float.
  • For 32-bit application support, older versions may be downloaded

Please Note: You will need a free iLok.com account to use our software, even for the the demos – but you do not necessarily need the iLok 2 dongle, if your machine has internet access (activation of a system without internet connectivity requires an iLok 2 device)

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