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By  HexPro Audio

Format: WAV
Download Size: 226 MB (ZIP)
Genres: EDM House
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Introducing the Tribal Vocal sample packs - an incredible collection of over 100 stunning WAV vocal samples that will transport you to the heart of the jungle with their powerful and tribal sounds!

With these vocal samples, you'll have everything you need to create dynamic and expressive vocal tracks that will capture the primal energy of ancient tribal cultures. Whether you're producing world music, ethnic fusion, or electronic music with a tribal twist, the Tribal Vocals pack has got you covered.

The Tribal Vocal sample pack is filled with a diverse range of vocals, including tribal shouts, traditional chants, and haunting melodies, all recorded and processed with the utmost care to capture the true essence of tribal music.

These samples are incredibly versatile and easy to use. Simply drag and drop them into your DAW of choice, and start crafting your next masterpiece. You can chop them up, pitch them, add effects, and layer them to your heart's content, all while maintaining their authentic tribal sound.


6 x Folders Of Tribal Vocals:

  • 6 x Dry/Wet Loops (128 bpm)
  • 9 x Dry/Wet Loops (122 bpm)
  • 26 x Dry/Wet Loops (125 bpm)
  • 16 x Dry/Wet Loops (118 bpm)
  • 12 x Dry/Wet Loops (120 bpm)
  • 14 x Dry/Wet Loops (122 bpm)
  • 25 x Single Vocals


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