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The award-winning Electra 2 is one of the most powerful soft synths ever! Explore a vast musical universe of multi-synthesis oscillators, analog filters, chaotic fractals, samples, flexible modulation, and an immense sonic range.

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Many people say that Electra 2 is the most powerful synthesizer on the market. This is a bold claim, but why is it true? Electra2 breathes new life into the term “synthesizer workstation”. With its powerful and sonically versatile approach to audio production, it provides you with truly outstanding new sounds. The synth is equipped with a high-end quality sound engine with multi-layer support and a wide range of music production features.

Its friendly, easy to use interface allow to easily create sounds and enables experts to delve into sound design as deeply as they want to.

Tone2 Electra 2

With Tone2’s high-end technology at its core, you’re not only working with the best sound quality possible but also a lower CPU usage and larger palette for creating original sounds than with any other type of workstation. Electra2 comes with an astounding collection of over 1300 production-ready sounds by professional sound designers. A smart patch browser gives you an instant overview of all the available categories and sounds. Just pick the sound you want – it’s that easy.


Playing with Electra2 is a lot of fun because the multi-layer architecture allows you to create impressive tracks just by pressing a single key. “Multi-layer architecture” means that you have access to four synthesizers at the same time and all within one interface. You can edit your sounds layer-by-layer, or edit multiple layers simultaneously. Separate synthesizer layers can be saved and loaded, allowing you to simply grab a layer you like from a patch and load it into another patch.

You can combine different layers, mix different types of synthesis, use keyboard splits and use different play modes like Poly, Mono, Legato or Glide per synth layer. Most of the patches that come with Electra2 already use multiple layers so mixing and merging your favorite patches into a new multi-layer sound is extremely simple.

Electra 2 Oscillator

Oscillators and Synthesis

With an incredible selection of 15 different types of synthesis, Electra2 truly is the “Swiss Army Knife of synthesis methods” (Beat Magazine). Its versatile synthesis engine can easily replace a studio filled with hardware.

The synthesis types range from traditional ones such as the classic Virtual Analog, Wavetable, Subtractive, Phase Distortion and FM synthesis, up to Physical Modeling, Ultra-saw, Vocoder, Sync, Ringmod, PWM, Noise, Wave-shaping and Tone2’s exclusive Fractal synthesis.

Each synthesis type was designed with the utmost attention to sound quality, musical potential and low CPU usage. They offer enormous scope for sound-creation, being limited only by your own imagination. Let your creativity run wild!

You can mix different types of synthesis within single or multiple layers, import samples, re-synthesize a waveform or use a vocoder on one of the layers. You can literally build any sound imaginable and open up whole new worlds of sonic capabilities in innovative and inspiring ways.


Electra2 contains two multi-mode filters with 41 unique filter types and includes three tone controls, as well as multi-mode distortions. The filter types range from traditional analog filters like Moog Low-pass, High-pass and Band-pass and digital ones like Vocal, Phaser, Aliaser, and Fractal.

The filters are able to self-oscillate producing a wide range of timbres for further sculpting your sound to perfection. Most of the filter types use a special Analog control, which allows you to vary the amount of analog behavior applied by the filter. Two displays show you the frequency response of the filter in real-time.


A great deal of time, effort and skill was spent to ensure that Electra2 featured a suite of high-end quality FXs that perfectly sync to your track’s BPM.

No less than 57 different effect processors are available, ranging from reverb, delay, multi-tap delay, smart-unison, trance gate, chorus, flanger, and phaser, as well as vocoder, tremolo, vibrato, surround encode, rotary, EQ, distortion, amp simulation, and compressor.

A unique ‘Reverb Infinity’ effect is also included, which allows you to have an endless reverb signal. Both a master effect and four insert effects are provided to offer a wide variety of choices.

Electra2 also offers smart micro tuning, which makes chords sound fatter and more transparent at the same time. Optional punch and psycho-acoustic features are also included to add a little kick to your sound.


Electra2 features an extensive modulation section for each of its layers. By using drag & drop or the matrix, Electra2 allows you to modulate almost any parameter with audio-rate speed.

Modulation is done using fast and punchy-sounding envelopes, high-quality LFOs that can be synchronized to your track’s BPM, as well as a step LFO which can be used to create rhythmic sequences or custom wave-shapes.

LFOs and envelopes each use a real-time display to make it easy to see your changes and get an instant overview of which settings are used. Using the modulation matrix you can further enhance your sound.

Modulation can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. Electra2’s modulation system can provide any modulation routing you need to create the perfect sound.


The arpeggiator section offers an extended, yet a hands-on way to both create and play arpeggios. Smart algorithms create melodies that are more musically useful than those offered by conventional arpeggiators.

Best of all, by using Electra2’s multi-layers you can even have four arpeggiators at the same time.

Together with a host of editing features, this allows you to create sequences as simple or as complex as you want. The arpeggiator also supports advanced features such as auto-chords, pitch-slides, legato, swing-shuffle, and matrix integration. Working with the arpeggiator is simple, just select your notes as you normally would and set the play direction.

WATCH BELOW A overview video of Tone2 Electra 2.7 update by ‘Ave Mcree’:

Let’s Recap What You Will Get:

  • A versatile synthesizer workstation with a wide tonal spectrum and a variety of possibilities
  • Four independent layers for complex sound design
  • 15 Different forms of synthesis
  • Two multimode filters with 41 filter types and distortion
  • Numerous modulation options such as 4 envelopes, 3 LFOs, step LFO, modulation matrix, etc.
  • Easy-to-use arpeggiator
  • Effects section with 50 different effects + Over 1300 presets
  • Download Version: Electra v2.11 (October 15th, 2022)

System Requirements:

  • PC: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 / Vista (32 bit or 64 bit)
  • PC formats: 32-bit VSTi, 64-bit VSTi, standalone
  • Mac: Mac OSX 10.7 or higher
  • Mac formats: 32-bit VSTi, 64-bit VSTi, 32-bit Audiounit, 64-bit Audiounit

Download Electra 2 Manual (PDF)

7 reviews for TONE2 ELECTRA 2

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love it

  2. Producer Spot (store manager)

    It’s so hard to read? “The registration code will be sent to you via email together with a unique certificate (PDF) within a maximum of 12 hours from the purchase.”
    Check your inbox, your serial was already sent a few hours ago.

  3. Producer Spot (store manager)

    Please check your e-mail inbox. All the serials are sent via email.

  4. Calvin (verified owner)

    Nice, great plug in.. I use it to make custom sounds and patches.

  5. Producer Spot (store manager)

    check your inbox for the serial, enjoy!

  6. Bernard (verified owner)

    This is what I been looking for. This vst gave me the creativity I been looking for. Can help you come up with some original ideas.

  7. Chris (verified owner)

    Great product for a great price! Thanks!

  8. S. Oliver

    Wow, Electra 2 is a killer synthesizer! So much audio fidelity. I like it more than Dune or Sylenth. It’s got an amazing array of waveforms to manipulate and play with to design new sounds. Great presets with easy to use browser. Best price at ProducerSpot.

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