by  Production Master
Format: WAV 24-Bit | Serum Presets (FXP)
Size: 665 MB (ZIP)
Genres: Future Bass, Dubsptep, Chillstep, Pop



by  Production Master
Format: WAV 24-Bit | Serum Presets (FXP)
Size: 665 MB (ZIP)
Genres: Future Bass, Dubsptep, Chillstep, Pop



Once in a blue moon, there is a style so specific that it is hard to find any sample packs for it! Skybound from Production Master will have you riding the waves and free-falling headfirst into an ocean of the most tantalizing melodic content such as vibrant leads and arpeggios, playful bass loops, beautiful pads and atmospheres, brilliant piano loops, warm guitar riffs, elevating synth patterns, harmonic plucks and uplifting chord modulations, all ready to be loaded up into your production platform and sliced into innovative new patterns and sounds, enabling you to add some real charisma and definition to each level of your tunes.

You will also be able to lay the heavier groundwork from it too, as this diverse pack boasts the most stylish drum and percussive loops, inclusive of expertly-made single-shot sounds like crispy claps, deep kicks, breaks, fluttering hi-hats and recorded foley that will add some lush, creative undertones to your creations.

On top of that, we have created some useful and interesting vocal chops and vocal hype loops to give your drops some impact! All content has been expertly-crafted here in our studio using the highest standard of outboard gear, with a touch of processing to add that warm depth and texture.

On ‘Skybound’, you will also find over 100 xFer Serum presets, which are essential to creating such a chord-heavy style as this pack boasts. We have packed this preset bank with killer plucks, deep chord layers (bottom, mid, top), various basses and subs, arpeggios, daunting keys and plenty of more useful presets that cover the scope of future bass, Chillstep, Dubstep, and Pop.

Just load up a polyphonic preset and play some extended chords to hear the magic or create some monophonic powerful basslines! All presets come fully macroed for easy use. These presets will inch you closer to a world of musical, electronic bliss than ever before! News: Skybound 2 Is Out Now


  • Atmosphere Loops (28)
  • Bass Loops (8)
  • Drum & Percussion Loops (108)
  • Drum & Percussion One Shots (122)
  • FX Loops (15)
  • Guitar Loops (21)
  • Piano Loops (29)
  • Synth Loops (52)
  • Vocal Chop Loops (12)
  • Serum Presets (101)
  • Serum Noise (25)
  • Total Number Of Files: 521
  • 775 Mb Of Content (Unzipped)
  • Requires Latest Version of Serum

All sample packs at are sold as 'royalty free,' which means you have the right to incorporate them in any music production, film, tv program, website or other media production, without paying any additional royalties, license fees, or any other fees to or any third parties.


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