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By  Thenatan

PUMP by Thenatan is a revolutionary sidechain audio plugin designed to elevate your music production to new heights and achieve excellent mixing and mastering results for your tracks.

You don’t need to route your kick drum track in, to get the plug-in working. Get PRO Ducking Effect as soon as you load the PUMP!

Available as VST, AU plugin for Windows and Mac.


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Introducing PUMP – The Ultimate Sidechain Audio Plugin!

Sidechain Compression Unleashed:

In the world of music production, sidechain compression has become an essential technique for achieving that signature, pumping sound that keeps your tracks grooving and your listeners hooked. But what exactly is sidechain compression, and how can PUMP take your music to the next level? Let’s dive in!

Thenatan Pump 808 Sidechain VST Plugin

What is Sidechain Compression?

Sidechain compression is a powerful audio processing technique where the volume of one sound source is dynamically controlled by the amplitude of another. In simpler terms, it allows you to create that iconic “pumping” effect, commonly heard in electronic dance music, by automatically lowering the volume of one track when another track (usually the kick drum) hits.

For example, in a dance track, sidechain compression can subtly duck the volume of the bassline every time the kick drum hits, creating a rhythmic breathing effect that enhances the groove and energy of the entire mix.

…and here comes PUMP!

PUMP effortlessly integrates into your favorite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), becoming an indispensable part of your creative arsenal. Compatible with both Mac and PC systems, PUMP brings a seamless workflow to your production process, saving you time and effort.

Simple yet Powerful

We understand the importance of an intuitive user experience. With PUMP’s straightforward interface, you can dive right into sidechaining without getting bogged down by technical jargon. Easily route your sidechain source, set the compression parameters, and watch as your sounds come to life with rhythmic precision.

Precision Controls

PUMP offers a wide array of precision controls that let you fine-tune your sidechain compression exactly to your liking. Adjust the attack, release, ratio, and threshold to achieve the perfect pumping effect for your music.

Pump Sidechain VST Plugin


  • Tempo Synced Time with Triplet, Dotted and Straight features.
  • 50 Side-chain curves.
  • Editable Curves table.
  • Smoothing control to remove unwanted clicks.
  • Stereo and a mono version.
  • Bypass and Phase-Free Mix Knob.
  • Low CPU usage means you can run Pump on loads of tracks.
  • Multiband sidechain. (Easily duck only the X frequency area of your Sounds)
  • Multiband Solo Lets you hear the Affected frequencies.
  • Fully resizable Vector / HD interface (up to 200%, Sharp and Smooth)
  • Real-Time Visualizer.
  • Preset Browser system. ( 120 factory Presets & Shareable Patches )

Mac & PC All Updates Compatible.
And More…


Windows 7, 8, 10, or above

  • 4 Gb ram / 2 GB free space on the system drive

Mac OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks or above

  • 4 Gb ram / 2 GB free space on the system drive
  • macOS Catalina / Bigsur Ready ( Compatible With M1 Silicon Computers Under Rosetta 2 )

Plug-in formats:

  • Windows: VST / VST3 64 Bit
  • Mac: AU / VST / VST3 64 Bit

Size On Disk:

  • 20 M.b for each format (Windows or Mac).

Note! Works with all today’s major DAWs. Excluding Pro Tools. ( No AAX ).

No serial activation is needed! Simply add the plugin in your cart, complete the checkout and download the installer…as easy!


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