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Format: WAV
Download Size: 135MB (ZIP)
Genres: Hip Hop, Ambient
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"PAPYRUS" is not your average sample pack; it's a meticulously crafted collection designed by the talented @ncodexmusic. Dive into a world of musical exploration with this extensive offering, which includes a total of 18 carefully labeled samples. Each sample is thoughtfully composed to cover a range of BPMs and scales, ensuring that you have the perfect sound for every project.

But that's not all – when you opt for the full pack, you'll also receive 7 bonus loops at no additional cost. These additional loops provide even more versatility and inspiration, allowing you to experiment and create without limitations. Whether you're producing hip-hop beats, electronic tracks, or ambient soundscapes, "PAPYRUS" has everything you need to bring your musical vision to life.

Step into the world of "PAPYRUS" and let the captivating sounds guide you on a journey of creativity and self-expression. With its rich selection of samples and bonus loops, this pack is sure to become an essential tool in your music production arsenal. Explore new sonic possibilities, push the boundaries of your creativity, and discover the endless potential of "PAPYRUS" today.


  • Includes 18 labeled samples.
  • Versatile BPMs and scales.
  • Bonus: 7 extra loops.
  • Allows limitless creativity.
  • Ideal for various genres.
  • Encourages musical exploration.
  • Rich selection of sounds.
  • Essential production tool.
  • Explores new sonic possibilities.



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