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By  Certified Audio

Format: WAV 24-bit
Download Size: 124 MB (ZIP)
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Welcome to Nu Bap a city where anything and everything is possible especially when it comes to experimental sound design! Inside this drum kit, your gonna find a ton of unique One Shot Drum Samples and FX Samples to play around with for your Hip Hop needs!

All these drum samples have been carefully processed to bring out their individual characteristics from punchy dirty vinyl laced kicks to crispy snares that have been treated with old school analog hardware and software to crisp filtered hi-hats and cymbals that have been layered with dirt, grit, and noise!

On top of that, you're getting some pretty unique musical one-shots like piano's, brass and horns shots and bells that have been carefully processed with filters, distortion, eq and pitch modulation effects!

Whether you produce BoomBap, Lo-Fi Hip-Hop or even Modern Hip-Hop this drum kit has what you're looking for in the Drum department! Everything you need to sculpt your production masterpiece is right here with Nu Bap! New Nu Bap Vol.2 Here!


  • 151 Drum Samples
  • Kicks, Snares, Claps, Hats, Percussion, FX, Musical Samples, Tuned 808's
  • 143 MB of Content
  • 24-bit 44 kHz Audio Quality
  • Royalty-Free Samples
  • Instant Download
  • All DAWs


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