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By  Production Master

Format: WAV 24-Bit
Download Size: 1.19 GB (ZIP)
Genres: Lofi Hip-Hop, Chill-Hop
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LoFi Heartbeats is an extensive sound bank, ideal for those who adore soul and jazz vibes mixed with dusty hip-hop beats. Inspired by the cozy vibes of 24/7 chilled YouTube streams, beats to study to and jazzy hip-hop vibes, this beautiful library shows a plethora of lofi samples just waiting to be chopped up and worked into your new lo-fi beats!

Whether you are headed down a lofi hip-hop path or into a jazzy jungle, this extraordinary folder gives you the tools necessary to lay down guitar-based songs without ever touching a guitar! Dive into a wide selection of clean strums, blissful acoustic picking, lightly distorted electric guitars or reverbed relaxing melodies. With a sound acting just as if they were cut out of a record, the sounds in this pack have been processed to be ready for your new chill-hop production!

Explore the broad selection of contemporary drum loops & sounds; this impressive collection includes a mixture of vintage breaks, dusty kick drums, punchy snares, bright hi-hats, crisp tops & more! We have also implemented individual stems of these loops to give a personalized option when making your own drums.

The vocal atmospheres in this pack include chopped, processed and re-sampled vocal samples to bring studio-quality layers to your tracks. On top of that, this folder is filled up with an upscale selection of live-recorded landscape foleys to capture the hypnotizing mood that will send you deep into your lucid dreams. ‘LoFi Heartbeats’ brings you all the audio tools you need to create warm, cozy and authentic hip-hop beats.


  • 40 x Atmosphere Loops
  • 40 x Bass Loops
  • 143 x Drum Loops
  • 70 x Drum One Shots
  • 31 x Guitar Loops
  • 73 x Key Loops
  • 37 x Soundscapes
  • 29 x Vocal Atmospheres
  • WAV 24-Bit Audio Format
  • 100% Royalty-Free


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