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By  Boz Digital Labs

Le Snappet by Boz Digital Labs is a snap generator plugin designed to make it simple to create snap tracks of any size. Available for Windows and Mac (VST, AU, RTAS, AAX).

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Le Snappet Snap Generator

Le Snappet is designed to make it simple to create snap tracks of any size. From a single snap to an entire crowd, you determine how the snaps sound.

Realistic Snaps

You determine the group size. You determine how sloppy they are. You control the microphone mix. We sampled multiple snappers at multiple layers and a bunch of round robins, from 3 different mic perspectives.

The result is natural sounding snaps no matter how large the group. Built in Step Sequencer Control with MIDI or the built in step sequencer that lets you automate between 12 user created patterns.

BOZ Digital - Le Snappet VST Plugin

Cracking the Code

To create the plugin, we put a tremendous amount of thought into the process of recording and the way crowds time their snaps. It came clear that having three microphones (close, mid, and room) was critical in terms of creating the difference between an intimate handsnap track and a huge crowd. The plugin also takes into account the various types of processing that a music- or film-post-mixer would use to make tracks fit in context. The end result is natural-sounding snaps regardless of the size of the crowd, plus the ability to custom-tailor those tracks to suit the creative needs of any genre of program material you put Le Snappet to work in.

Sound Engine

The ability to play 150 samples with multiple mic positions ran the risk of making a massive hit to CPU resources. To solve that problem, Le Snappet does some work in the background. As the crowd size gets larger, rather than just playing back a large number of samples, Le Snappet builds a new set of samples, which can be played back with low CPU usage..

Le Snappet Unique Features:

  • Easily generate ultra-realistic snaps, from an intimate-sounding single snap to a full doo wop group
  • Great for music and film post-production
  • Three adjustable mic positions; close/mid and room
  • Close and Room mic controls each feature a fully adjustable compressor with mix knob, 4-band EQ, and width control
  • “Slop” control lets you adjust how tight or loose the snaps
  • Simple, straightforward interface with access to advanced controls including velocity-sensing
  • MIDI curve control, panning, timing, layer, and CPU-saving round-robin settings
  • Built-in step sequencer with 12 editable patterns and adjustable speed

Watch Le Snappet In Action:


Mac OS X 10.5 or greater. Formats: AAX, AU (Audio Units), VST, VST3 (32 & 64-bit), RTAS 32-bit only.

Windows XP or greater. Formats: AAX, VST, VST3 (32 & 64-bit), RTAS 32-bit

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