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By  Eventide

Introduced in 1972, the Eventide Instant Phaser revolutionized studio effects by replicating tape flanging, a crucial feature in classic albums spanning five decades. Now, the Instant Phaser Mk II plug-in faithfully recreates this legendary sound with analog charm and expanded capabilities, including the innovative “Age” knob for futuristic effects. With versatile controls and three sonic characteristics—”Shallow,” “Deep,” and “Wide”—it offers unique phase-shifting options, from stereo widening to fuller mixes.

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Experience the Instant Phaser Mk II

Unveiled in 1972, the Eventide Instant Phaser set the stage for a studio effects revolution by flawlessly replicating tape flanging—a pivotal effect featured in iconic albums spanning the past five decades. Now, with the Instant Phaser Mk II plug-in, this legendary sound is faithfully recreated with all the analog charm, smooth modulations, and musicality of the original hardware unit.

Enhanced for modern workflows, the Instant Phaser Mk II offers expanded capabilities, allowing you to venture from the ’70s into the future with its distinctive “Age” knob. With a comprehensive array of control options, this plug-in brings the classic phaser effect out of the rack and into your digital arsenal.

Featuring three distinct sonic characteristics—labeled “Shallow,” “Deep,” and “Wide”—the Instant Phaser Mk II adjusts the amount of phase-shift sections to suit your preference. Opting for “Wide” delivers varying phase-shifting levels on both the right and left channels, producing a unique effect in each ear. This versatility enables you to transform mono guitars into expansive stereo leads or widen the sound of your single-channel synthesizer to fill out your mix.


  • Add Age for component drift with time
  • Offers three different flavors of phasingwith the Mode switch: Shallow, Deep, and Wide
  • Utilize one of fourdistinct methods to control the phasing
  • Depth allows you to combine the phased signal with the dry signal
  • Added Side Chain function allows you to trigger the Envelope Follower from a separate source in the mix for inter-track mingling
  • Exercise total control of the Oscillator with Sync and Retrig controls
  • Use Feedback control for a more pronounced sound
  • Includes standard gain input and output



  • Windows 8+
  • AAX 64-bit, VST2 64-bit, VST3 64-bit


  • macOS 10.9+, Intel and Apple Silicon
  • AAX 64-bit, AU 64-bit, VST2 64-bit, VST3 64-bit

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