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By  Epic Stock Media

Format: WAV
Download Size: 1.0 GB  (ZIP)
Genres: Party Music, Chill Trap, Lo-fi Hip Hop, Indie, Alternative, R&B, Minimal, Urban, Electro, Pop, Soul
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Fire Dance-Floor Drum & Bass Sample Pack

Ignite your productions with the Fire Dance-Floor Drum & Bass sample pack, a high-intensity medley of future EDM and dance pop elements. This collection features intricate beats, warm basslines, bright melodies, immersive leads, synths, drum samples, and more. From classic, fast-paced dance grooves to progressive electronic synths, this pack delivers over 250 meticulously detailed loops, one-shots, drum sounds, and FX, all infused with a vibrant EDM attitude.

Inspired by top electronic music producers and artists, Fire Dance-Floor Drum & Bass provides the energetic foundation needed to create chart-topping hits. The pack blends classic American and Euro EDM genres with invigorating modern flair. Whether you’re a drum and bass producer, hip hop enthusiast, or trap aficionado, Fire Dance-Floor Drum & Bass has all your musical needs covered.

This audio masterpiece pulsates with vibrant energy, featuring intricate beats, warm basslines, and resplendent melodies that weave seamlessly throughout. Unleash the power of classic, fast-paced dance grooves and progressive electronic synths to breathe life into your compositions. The sonic landscape is enriched with immersive leads, synths, and dynamic drum samples, creating an extraordinary auditory experience.

Fire Dance-Floor Drum & Bass includes over 250 loops and one-shots, plus 75 MIDI files. Everything is organized into understandable folders and meticulously tagged by form, BPM, and key. To streamline your workflow, we’ve embedded Soundminer metadata into the samples, ensuring you can quickly find the right sound at the right time. All files are royalty-free and supplied in high-quality 24-bit WAV format, compatible with popular samplers, DAWs, and plugins. Drag-and-drop functionality ensures seamless integration into your projects.

Elevate your music production with the Fire Dance-Floor Drum & Bass sample pack. Its vibrant energy, immersive soundscapes, and user-friendly organization make it an essential resource for modern music producers. Whether you're crafting high-energy dance tracks or exploring new sonic territories, this pack provides the tools you need to create exceptional music.


  • 331 total files
  • All in high quality 48k 24bit .wav audio file format
  • 1.1 GB of samples
  • Over 21 minutes of audio
  • 256 one shots & loops
  • 135 one shots
  • 121 loops
  • 75 midi files
  • All files bpm, key & form tagged
  • Perfect for EDM, DnB, Dubstep music productions
  • 23 bass loops
  • 22 drum loops
  • 9 fx loops
  • 15 melodic loops
  • 52 synth loops
  • 10 bass one shots
  • 10 clap one shots
  • 20 hat one shots
  • 15 kick one shots
  • 10 snare one shots
  • 40 fx one shots
  • 10 synth one shots
  • 20 vocal one shots
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • Works with All DAW’s



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