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By  Cherry Audio LLC

Cherry Audio’s Dreamsynth celebrates 1980s hybrid synthesizers, featuring flexible oscillators, stereo filters, polyphonic strings, modulation options, studio effects, and polyphonic aftertouch support. Inspired by classics like Ensoniq ESQ-1 and Kawai “K” series, Dreamsynth merges digital precision with analog warmth for timeless appeal.

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Cherry Audio’s Dreamsynth

Cherry Audio’s Dreamsynth pays homage to the iconic hybrid analog/digital synthesizers of the mid-to-late 1980s. This innovative design seamlessly blends flexible dual-wave morphing oscillators, stereo filters, fully polyphonic analog strings, intuitive modulation options, studio-quality effects, and comprehensive support for polyphonic aftertouch and MPE, all within an elegant vintage-style synth interface.

Inspired by an Era of Innovation, Dreamsynth channels the spirit of renowned synthesizers such as the Ensoniq ESQ-1, the Kawai “K” series, and the Sequential Prophet VS. In the latter half of the 1980s, a significant transition occurred in music production from analog to digital. Hybrid synthesizers emerged as pioneers, marrying the precision and adaptability of sampled digital oscillators with the warmth of analog filters. This fusion yielded instruments with distinct character and a timeless sonic allure that continues to captivate musicians today.



  • Three dual-waveform oscillators amount to six simultaneous virtual analog or PCM sample-based oscillators with up to 16 voices of polyphony. When modulation is applied, the unique A/B wave mix controls can create a myriad of evolving or rhythmic vector tones.
  • Combines authentic analog waveforms with sampled PCM waveforms for incredible new timbres. Includes a massive library of 430 looping, one-shot, and single-cycle PCM waveforms.
  • Dreamsynth also includes a beautiful-sounding classic string synthesizer that, unlike traditional paraphonic string synths, is fully polyphonic. It operates independently of the oscillator-based synthesizer, and both can be layered and split across the keyboard, with separate assignments for the arpeggiator and effects.
  • The OB-style 12 dB/octave multimode stereo filters enable breathtaking timbres from subtle to extreme.
  • Dreamsynth features exceptional modulation capabilities with 20 mod sources and over 40 destinations. Routings are immediately accessible through our innovative interface with individual pop-up menus and invertible knobs.



  • Windows 7 or above (Including Windows 11)
  • 64-Bit System
  • Quad Core Computer with 8GB of RAM recommended.


  • MacOS 10.13 or above
  • MacOS 13 Ventura supported
  • 64-bit required
  • Native Apple M1 or greater processor support, including Ultra.
  • 3.4 GHz Quad-Core or M1 CPU with 8GB of RAM recommended.

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