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Format: WAV
Download Size: 920MB (ZIP)
Genres: Chill, Lofi
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Immerse yourself in the evocative soundscape of "Broken," a meticulously curated sample pack designed to stir the soul. This collection features 40 guitar samples meticulously labeled by BPM and key, ensuring seamless integration into your projects. With both wet and dry versions available in WAV format, you'll have the flexibility to sculpt the perfect sound for your compositions.

Crafted with a delicate touch of nostalgia, "Broken" is tailor-made for creating New-Soul and Lo-Fi instrumentals that resonate with emotion. Whether you're crafting introspective ballads or laid-back grooves, these samples provide the perfect backdrop for expressing raw emotion and vulnerability.

From melancholic melodies to atmospheric textures, "Broken" invites you to explore the depths of human experience through music. Let its haunting beauty inspire your creativity and transport your listeners to a place of introspection and reflection.

Step into the world of "Broken" and discover the power of music to heal and uplift the soul. With its rich tapestry of sounds and emotive melodies, this sample pack is sure to become an essential tool in your music production arsenal.


  • Curated collection: Dive into 40 emotive guitar samples, meticulously labeled by BPM and key.
  • Wet and dry versions: Enjoy flexibility with both wet and dry versions in WAV format.
  • Nostalgic touch: Crafted with nostalgia for New-Soul and Lo-Fi instrumentals.
  • Versatile use: Ideal for composing introspective ballads or laid-back grooves.
  • Melancholic melodies: Explore emotive sounds, from melancholic melodies to atmospheric textures.
  • Inspiring creativity: Let the haunting beauty of "Broken" inspire your musical creativity.
  • Essential production tool: Elevate your productions with this transformative sample pack.



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