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Producer’s Elements Free Sample Pack by Piggysounds

Piggysounds Free sample pack

Piggysounds in association with ProducerSpot, presents the Producer’s Elements, a free sample pack containing 128 sampled elements for producers of every genre. These 128 free sounds were carefully designed and sampled at Piggysounds HQ using world-class instruments, mics, preamps and A/D converters.

This pack includes:

Kick drum elements, sampled directly from the Korg Volca analog drum machine and processed with some minor distortion with a ProCo Rat pedal, some compression from a UA 1176 and Eq’d with a Helios 69. Three different pitches and three different decay values were sampled.

Snare drum elements, sampled from a vintage maple and a more modern custom made snares, we close mics from top and bottom with two Sennheiser dynamic mics, and recorded directly to a Universal-Audio preamp through an 1176 compressor and some small EQ from an API 550A. Samples were played with sticks, hotrods and with the bare hand.

Analog Basses, sampled from three different analog synths: the one VCO Arturia Microbrute, the 2 DCO DSI MoPho, and the 3 VCO Korg Volca Keys. In all cases they were all sampled through an Universal-Audio pre-amp with no EQ and no compression. Individual notes from C1 to C2 were sampled in the three cases, plus individual samples from C0 to B0 were sampled to for the MoPho. All this brings you more flexibility when it comes to bass elements, and they are all analog and really fat!

Rhodes Elements, from a Rhodes MKI through a Fender Twin Amp, with a touch of MXR 90 phase shifter and some tremolo, directly to the Universal Audio pre-amps. We’ve played some funky four bar riffs in Cm Am and Gm in 120BPM, which can be easily stretched to other tempos in any DAW, great for House music. We’ve also sampled some jazzy 7th-9th no root major and minor chords in every tonality.

Sweeps & raisers, coming directly from noise and tonal sources, great for transitions or adding some instability and tension to productions.

All 128 sounds were sampled using Universal Audio Apollo A/D converters at 48 KHz @ 24bits. Download size: 160MB

Free Download

Feel free to share our free sample pack with your fellow producers, a Free Press Kit is available with all the images and description in JPG/PDF format. Thank you!

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