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Pro-MB Multi-Band Compressor Plugin Overview

Fabfilter Pro-MB Multi-Band Compressor GUI

With the Pro-MB compressor plug-in, the Dutch software manufacturer Fabfilter recently presented its own interpretation of a multiband dynamic processor, which is supposed to do the same as its competitors but does so in an individual way that according to the wishes of its creators, should make working with this complex type of device significantly easier in the future. As if that weren’t enough, the Pro-MB plug-in is not limited to frequency-selective compression.

Equipped with a number of extra features, the plug-in is even recommended as a jack of all trades in dynamic processing. In just a few simple steps, it can transform itself into a de-esser, limiter, expander, and even a noise gate and, as desired, act both broadband and selectively on certain, freely selectable frequency ranges. With this range of services, the user gets a very good value for the requested retail price.

But Fabfilter goes one step further and has taken particular care to ensure that this happens without disturbing sound coloring, especially in real-time use. It is therefore not only recommended for mastering, but also for use on subgroups and even for cleaning single tracks. The listening and practical test will have to show whether this is actually the case.

Unlike usual, the plug-in does not split the frequency spectrum of the incoming signal over a network of crossovers, but over individual filters that work in isolation. Last but not least, thanks to the belt principle and the operating concept, the Pro-MB is actually easy and comfortable to use and should also be a reliable companion for beginners in this complex type of device.

The bottom line is that the Pro-MB is more neutral than other multiband compressors I know (Waves LinMB, C4, Ozone, Cubase, FL). He brings less “own sound” and behaves more surgically. If you familiarize yourself with something, the Pro-MB is definitely an extremely flexible weapon and remains very true to the source where others quickly start to smear. You can do without a little coloring and pull out a saturator or something similar. The Fabfilter Pro-MB plug-in can be purchased directly from the ProducerSpot store at the best retail price.



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