PRISMA Free Creative Plugin Released by Rob Papen

Rob Papen PRISMA Plugin

Rob Papen has released PRISMA, a free plugin for users of Rob Papen audio plugins that allow you to stack up to 4 Rob Papen instruments into a single interface that can produce limitless creative combinations.

Each instrument can be opened individually, easily edited and combined with any other stacked Rob Papen software instruments to create a whole new spectrum of sounds.

Imagine a PRISMA preset with a dreamy pad from Blue II synthesizer, together with an arpeggiated sound from Predator synthesizer, a crazy “wobbulating” effect from Blade effect plugin and a groove from Punch virtual drum machine.

The Multi Control Page (MCP) feature allow you to shape PRISMA patches by using 4 faders to control multiple parameters of the layers. Dynamic changes of the sound add an additional dimension to this extremely versatile tool.

Other seriously smart features include individual velocity or keyboard range split layers which allow you to creatively combine two instruments at once. For example, if you own Rob Papen’s Punch drum machine, which features triggerable built-in grooves, you will see that PRISMA perfectly adapts to this feature by also allowing keyboard range selection for those grooves. Get into the groove with PRISMA by using Punch to generate background rhythms!

PRISMA is packed with a huge range of built-in presets, including stacks that only use instances of the same software instrument for users that simply own one Rob Papen product.

So if you are looking to create some super pads, textures for film scores or video games, EDM stack sounds… PRISMA will deliver you a full dynamic spectrum of possibilities.

PRISMA is available for free download for all existing registered customers of Rob Papen music software, get it now by logging into your account at (link below).

More Details: Rob Papen Plugins

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