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PreSonus Studio One 6 New Update Is Available Now

PreSonus is releasing Studio One 6 DAW new update with many improvements and several new features. Now a video track has become available inside the program, located next to the audio and instrumental tracks. Users will be able to drag and drop videos onto the timeline in the same way they drag MIDI files or audio files. Videos can be edited, such by trimming, moving, and changing the start/end point. It is noted that if the video already has its own audio track, the user will be able to pull it out to a separate channel and process it using plugins and use the routing options.

In addition, the new version brings smart templates, where when creating a new project, you are prompted to choose one of the ready-made options: a simple sound project, a group project, creating beats, mixing, and playing virtual instruments. It is reported that Studio One 6 has the ability to personalize the interface where the user can hide unnecessary settings and leave only those necessary for his workflow.

Among other things, the developers have upgraded the system for working with lyrics for songs where you can add lyrics not only to MIDI and the audio track, but also to the Show Page section for live performance. In addition, you can attach words and syllables to notes, scroll through them in a separate window along with the music, and use lyrics as a way to jump to a specific point in a song.

It is worth noting that in addition to improving the built-in instruments, the DAW has a new Vocoder plugin, an updated ProEQ 3 equalizer, panning modes (stereo/space), and more optimized work in the Sphere cloud service with sharing and synchronization options right in the main menu.

PreSonus Studio One 6 Professional is available for purchase for $400, the Artist Edition is available for $100, and the Sphere subscription is available for $15 per month. For more information, please visit the official PreSonus website.

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