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PreSonus Revelator Pro USB Microphone Available Now

Presonus Revelator USB Microphone

PreSonus has developed the Revelator USB microphone for streaming, broadcasting, podcasting, and other voice recordings. A special feature, however, is the direct effect connection in combination with the associated app. The Universal Control App includes a channel strip with EQ, compressor, gate, and limiter. The best possible speaker sound should be set using eight presets (four can be switched directly on the microphone).

The new PreSonus Revelator USB Mic features 24-bit recording at up to 96kHz (“44.1 and 48 kHz only on macOS while in Multi-Mode”) with a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response range. It has three pick-up patterns, including Cardioid Mode (for voice-overs and singing), Figure 8 Mode (for interviews and the like), and Omnidirectional Mode (for roundtable discussion recording). You’ll also find onboard controls for input gain, headphone level, mute, and selecting through various presets.

On the software side, you get the DAW Studio One Artist and the Studio Magic effects bundle for free. Thanks to the USB connection, an additional audio interface is not necessary. The stand provides the necessary stability.

The PreSonus Revelator microphone can be pre-ordered at a price of 179 euros.

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