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Presonus introduces Studio One 4 – What’s New

Presonus Studio One 4 DAW

After Image-Line has announced their new FL Studio 20, now is time for Presonus to announce Studio One 4, a major upgrade for their beloved DAW which gets all sorts of new features.

We have summarized for you the most important updates in Presonus Studio One 4. So let’s see what’s new and innovative in this new version…

The major update of the popular DAW is very interesting, because in addition to innovative features such as the Chord Track are also refreshed instruments and much more at the start.

The Chord Track in Studio One 4 can do much more than just record chord data. It including harmony processing is to facilitate the sketching of songs and offers flexible functions for transposing as well as for key and chord changes in notes and audio material.

Thanks to the inspirational harmony processing, you can create and alter chord progressions, experiment with chord substitutions or swap complex ones with simple chords – even existing parts can be given a new, better chord structure.

This breakthrough feature can be used with instruments and even sketched audio tracks and underscores the objective of Studio One – to put the creative process of songwriting and music making in a nutshell.

Presonus Studio One Chord Track

Also new is the drum module Impact, which is now called Impact XT offering more than 20 new and long-awaited features and enhancements. You can even create complete arrangements in a single Impact XT instance by playing back loops that sync to your song using real-time time-stretching, beat quantization, and synchronized drive features.

Presonus Studio One Impact XT

Even the editing of drum sounds should be much faster with Studio One 4. With the Drum Editor, Presonus offers an innovative, streamlined tool for creating and editing. In combination with preconfigured scripts for pitch and mapping everything should go turbo-fast.

Presonus Studio One Sample One XT

With the help of Sample One XT one should not only be able to make a real sampler out of Presonus Studio One 4. In addition to sampling from any source in the program, all samples can be cut, split and arranged in loops and beats and edited with different synthesis options.

Starting with version 4 of Studio One, the DAW supports the exchange format AAF (Advanced Authoring Format) to facilitate data transfer from Pro Tools, Logic, Nuendo, Final Cut, or Premiere.

Pattern integration with Impact XT will change the way you think about drum programming: this combination allows you to create beats that are both fast and easy.

For pattern-based sequencing, you do not need a separate plug-in and special track type. Instead, the patterns are managed exactly like traditional instrument parts and on the same track.

Presonus Studio One Step Sequencer

You can select, rename, copy, and reorder any number of pattern variations within the arrangement without having to open the Pattern Editor.

In addition, a new library with inspiring drum and variation patterns in Musicloops format is available, which can be easily inserted, saved and exported via drag-and-drop.

Presonus is now offering Studio One through their website. Two versions, Artist and Professional are available.

The new Studio One 4 Artist version costs 97.58 euros, the full Professional version with all features beats at 392.70 euros. Various upgrades and crossgrades are available.

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