Polytek Max For Live Instrument by Sonic Faction

Polytek Max For Live Instrument

Sonic Faction presents Polytek, a new Max for Live instrument that combines a polyrhythmic step sequencer, a vocoder and multi-band gate processing to deliver deep tech chord progressions, gritty robotic polyrhythms and ambient dub soundscapes.

Polytek give you the choice to select between Anlog or Samples as a sound sourche and then process it using either the Multiband gate or the Vocoder.

The GUI is color-coded so you know where you are and what you control each time. Beside all this features, Polytek comes with a huge collection of FX for big reverbs, delays, saturation and chorus. Also you can add extra harmonics and futuristic sound textures by using the ‘resonator’ and physical modeling.


  • Built-in Rhythmic & Melodic Step Sequencers
  • Vocoder and Multiband-Gate Processing
  • Analog & Sample-based Sound Sources
  • Internal Presets for fast Save and Recall
  • Physical Modeling Engine for Dynamic Resonance
  • Requires Live 9 Suite and Max for Live 7

Polytek instrument is available at Sonic Faction website priced at $49.

More Details: Polytek

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