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PolyKB III Software Synthesizer Released by XILS-Lab

PolyKB III Software Synthesizer

XILS-Lab intros PolyKB III, the newest version of their well-known software synthesizer, emulating the rare French analog synthesizer RSF PolyKobol, of which there were only 30 ever made and which Xils Lab emulated for the first time back in 2010.

PolyKB III got this time a third oscillator, an additional filter, a further envelope, a new revised sequencer and hundreds of modulation possibilities.

The 2 multimode filters are capable of self-oscillation in all modes and work with the Zero Delay feedback technique, which is already known from other XILS-Lab plug-ins.

PolyKB III VST Synthesizer
User Interface

Among the more interesting features is the Voice XY-Pad, which can be used to modify up to four parameters per note to create subtle to violent variations with each new note played.

With the Space XY module, every note in the stereo field can again be placed freely, which is particularly important for surface sounds, atmospheres, and fast sequencer figures, especially when these two functions are combined.

The Step Modulator Sequencer of the PolyKB III can now produce up to 128 steps on four rows and 16 targets.

At the same time, the Polyphonic Sequencer works on up to eight tracks and can be recorded in real-time or per recording.

A section with analog modeling effects provides delay, chorus, phaser and equalizer for subsequent sound enhancement.

Let’s recap the main features of this great synth:

  • 3 Morphing oscillators
  • 2 Creamy Multimode 0df Filters
  • a supersized step sequencer
  • 3 Envelopes, 2 LFOS
  • 2 Mod Matrixes
  • 2 Unique Per voice modulators
  • Polysequencer, arpeggiator, vintage effects
  • Unmatched analog presence and feeling

PolyKB III software synthesizer is available via XILS-Lab website, priced at €119, in VST, AU plugin format for Windows and MAC hosted DAWs.

Owners of versions PolyKB I, PolyKB II and PolyKB II.5 can upgrade to version III for just €25 until January 21, then €39.

For more details, demos and download options please check the link below.

More Details / Download: PolyKB III

We just tested this plugin, read more here: PolyKB III Review

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