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Pivot Tilt EQ Plugin Released by Venomode

Pivot Tilt EQ Plugin

Venomode has released Pivot Tilt EQ, a new simple but powerful EQ effect plug-in that features adjustable slope and mid/side modes.

How can you actually use Pivot Tilt EQ?

  • You can control your spectrum using Pivot’s adjustable curve.
  • You can adjust the mid signal, the sides, or everything to get the best sound from your stereo signal.
  • Pivot lets you simply cut or boost if you’re already happy with one side of the spectrum.
  • You can clean up muddy stereo bass, or crisp up the wide treble in your master tracks.
  • You can even share your presets between different operating systems (Windows and MAC).

Pivot was coded and optimized in C++ and is available for both Windows and MAC users as a 32/64-bit VST/AU audio plugin.

You can get it for £19 GBP or try first the demo version. For more details, please follow the link below.

More Details: Pivot Tilt EQ

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