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Phonem Synth Announced on iPad by Wolfgang Palm

Phonem iPad App

Wolfgang Palm announced that their powerful PPG Phonem VST/AU synth plugin will be available soon on iPad.

The app will be based on an optimised version of the sound engine used in the plugin version and also will be adapted to multitouch with support on Inter-App Audio and AU extension.

Phonem iPad App

For those who have not heard about this plugin, PPG Phonem lets the users create awesome expressive vocal synthesis using its advanced routing system to control and modulate the sound.

Besides this PPG Phonem is capable to say whatever you want usint its intuitive speech tool. Using phonemes you can choose from 46 english/american plus 5 german plus 4 french individual characters or a dialects.

You can produce a wide range of synthesizer sounds.

iPhonem iPad App

From the many features that this synth has, let’s mention some of the most important. The others we’ll leave you to discover yourself on the official website.


  • Create your own singing style and expressions
  • 46 english/american plus 5 german plus 4 french phonemes
  • Versatile excitation generator/oscillator
  • Versatile matrix system – allowing 19 sources to control 40 parameters
  • Two X/Y control pads freely routable to 40 parameters
  • 6 Envelopes, for control of filter sweeps, waveform, noise and many modulations
  • 4 LFOs plus Vibrato, Flutter and Growl generators
  • Fully programmable resonator filter – allowing production of new sound effects
  • Delay/Reverb effect
  • Overdrive/Distortion effect
  • A/B compare your edited sounds
  • AU extension – run multiple Phonem instances in AU hosts
  • IAA – inter-app audio support
  • Audiobus 2 with state saving

Phonem app will be available soon via App Store, most probably under “iPhonem” name. No price details at this moment.

More Details: iPhonem

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