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Percussa Toolbox Free Sample Pack by 99Sounds

Percussa Toolbox

99Sounds has released Percussa Toolbox, a freeware collection of 89 percussive drum samples recorded and edited by Richard Gould. All this percussion samples are royalty free and brings the sound of various percussive instruments like cymbals, chimes, ocean drums, rain sticks and thundre tube plust others.

Also Percussa Toolbox offer an interesting set of SFX sounds created with some less common techniques such as bowed cymbals and some quite rare percussive instruments such as the ocean drum and the thunder tube.

Percussa Toolbox includes 89 pecussion samples in 24-bit WAV format. All included samples are 96 kHz stereo WAV files and 100% royatly free. Beside Wav format this library also includes a NKI instrument patch for NI Kontakt soft sampler. You need the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt in order to use this library.

More Details/Download: Percussa Toolbox

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