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Peak Rider Dynamics Plugin Released by Impact Soundworks

Peak Rider Dynamic VST Plugin

Impact Soundworks has released Peak Rider, a new flexible dynamic processor audio plugin for Windows and MAC (VST,AU) which uses a sidechain signal to fluidly shape the envelope of the main input, bringing a new approach on what means dynamic processing.

Peak Rider smoothly applies boost and attenuation depending on the sidechain, so that the main input “rides” the peaks and valleys of the sidechain. With different processing modes, multi-band processing, selectable crossover slopes, timing controls per-band, and a master mix control, this plugin opens new ways of creative mixing possibilities.

Peak Rider Dynamics Plugin
Peak Rider User Interface

The GUI interface looks very good, it is quite easy to use and intuitive.

Here are some applications for Peak Rider:

  • Matching an ambient room mic to a close mic, tightening the reverb tail.
  • Matching time-aligned harmony vocals to a main vocal, syncing the volume of all vocal tracks.
  • Matching saturated drums to the unprocessed track, preserving dynamics with even extreme processing.
  • Matching a static synth to any rhythmic track to create new life and motion.
  • Matching a live bass to the mid frequencies of a drum kit so the bass + snare always hit together.


  • Novel new approach to dynamic processing
  • Four processing modes available
  • Three analysis & detection modes
  • Zero-latency analysis with linear phase option
  • Wideband and multiband
  • Fine control over envelope shaping
  • Left/right and mid/side stereo processing
  • Simple one-time serial number activation

Peak Rider is available for PC in VST (32/64bit), and for Mac in AU (32/64bit) plugin formats. This plugin is available via Impact Soundworks website and is priced at $79. Also, it’s accompanied by a “Product Manual” (PDF) which will be a great help point at the beginning.

More Details: Peak Rider

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