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Parsec 2 Spectral Synth for Reason by Propellerhead

Parsec 2 Reason Synth Extension

Propellerhead intros Parsec 2, a new update of their spectral synthesizer instrument built for Reason that uses additive synthesis to generate sounds.

The big difference, compared to subtractive synthesis, is that overtones are added to a basic sinewave signal to form complex signals—instead of subtracted by filters from complex signals.

Parsec 2 features 1024 oscillators per voice, a wide range of sound sculpting tools, built-in effects, and free modulation routing.

Besides the new improved user interface, Parsec 2 brings 36 new generators, new modulation sources, 5 new modifiers and much more.

Parsec 2 Reason Synth

Parsec 2 uses two (A/B) independently operating signal strings for the generation of clones. Each path has a complex oscillator with 48 waveform algorithms. In addition to the twelve programs, which were already included in the predecessor, the Wavetables from Reason’s Synthesizer Thor and re-synthesized recordings of acoustic instruments are now available.

The vibration models consist of up to 512 partial tones. For further processing of the audio material, the signal strings have two modifier sections on board. For example, filters, pitch or PWM tools can be loaded here.

If this is not enough, the areas of both channels can be linked. The selection of modifiers has been postponed, a total of 27 such processing stages are included in the Parsec 2.

New in Parsec 2:

  • Build your sound with 36 new generators, including resynthesized instruments and all of Thor’s wavetables
  • Shape your sound with five new modifiers
  • New modulation sources and destination
  • Interactive displays: draw your filter curves, draw your pitch and partial envelopes, get visual feedback on all modifier parameters
  • New routing of engine A to engine B
  • New modulation routings and an improved modulation interface: drag to the modulation destination
  • More precise knobs
  • 200+ new patches

Parsec 2 is available via Propellerhead Software website priced at 119 EUR. If you already own Parsec 1 you can upgrade to the new version for 39 EUR.

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