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PanShaper Stereo Width Plugin by Cableguys

PanShaper Stereo Plugin

Cableguys is back with PanShaper, a powerful panning effect plugin which “takes stereo control to a new level”. PanShaper features fast modulation editing, multiband options, stereo width controls and a streamlined user interface.

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You can use PanShaper to add panning effects fast to your sound-tracks and to get a more lively sound. Here’s a simple example: put your bass to mono to ensure that your track retains its energy or widen your mix in the mid frequencies for a fuller sound.


  • Waveform-based modulation editing
  • Multiband split with spectrum view and 6dB or 12dB slopes.
  • Independent modulation curves and stereo width controls for each band
  • Multiple panning modes (0/3/4.5/6dB ‘Stereo Balance’ and ‘Stereo Combined’) for deep control
  • Sample-accurate LFO, in sync with your DAW, and in Hz mode up to the audible range or retriggered via MIDI
  • Precise display of left/right volume for helpful visual control
  • Preset library and fast access to a comprehensive selection of preset curves

PanShaper by Cableguys is available for both Windows and MAC hosted music software, in VST or AU plugin format (32-bit / 64-bit).

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