Ozone 7 Mastering Plugin Announced by iZotope

Ozone 7 Mastering Plugin

iZotope announced that Ozone 7 will be available soon, bringing some new features such as new vintage modules: Vintage Compressor, Vintage EQ, and Vintage Tape. Also, the new Codec Preview will allow you to preview the sound before you render it.

Like previous (Ozone 6), Ozone 7 will be available in two versions: “Standard” and “Advanced”. The standard version includes the Maximizer, the new Vintage Limiter, Export Formats, IRC IV, Dynamic EQ (now in both Standard and Advanced), Equalizer, Dynamics, Exciter and more.

Advanced version additionally provides some features like Vintage Tape, Vintage Compressor, Vintage EQ, Codec Preview and Component Plug-ins. You can add the Ozone power on your mix busses using all 10 plugin modules. Here you can see the comparison between this two versions: Ozone 7 vs Ozone 7 Advanced.

Those who are not familiar with Ozone must know that it’s a powerful mastering platform used by many sound engineers and producers to master their tracks. You can use this plugin to polish any sound in your mix, from drums, live instruments to voices and more. If you have no experience with audio mastering process, do not panic, you can quickly achieve authentic sounds for any genre and style using a comprehensive bank of presets.

Customers who have purchased iZotope Ozone 6 after August 26, 2015, will receive a free upgrade to Ozone 7 upon release in November (offer available for both “Standard” and “Advanced” versions). Until then you can read our iZotope Ozone 6 Review.

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