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Oxford Dynamic EQ Plugin by Sonnox

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ Plugin

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Sonnox has released a few days ago the Oxford Dynamic EQ, a new equalizer plug-in designed to deliver results where other plugins fail.

The Sonnox Dynamic EQ is the latest addition to a growing category of plug-ins launched by the Sonnox company, designed to deliver exceptional results whether it’s about mastering of separate instruments, such as drums or voices or you’re already working on the final mix. See here all Sonnox plugins.

In contrast to a normal EQ, the Dynamic EQ offers five frequency bands based on the well-known Oxford equalizer, which operates as a function of the applied signal dynamics, thus not permanently increasing or decreasing by a fixed dB value.

This makes it possible to control difficult recordings much better without compromising naturalness. The Dynamic EQ always sounds musically and fits well into the sound picture.

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ can be used when traditional equalizers do not work! For example, you can eliminate the over-emphasized hissing…just an example.

The EQ can react to transients and is correspondingly useful for drum or percussion work.

M / S processing, overlapping bands without phase distortion.

The user interface is very intuitive and with a nice modern GUI design – looks somewhat in the Fabfilter style…

The Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ is now available in VST, AU or AAX formats for Windows and Mac. An iLok account is also required for registration.

Find More Details: Oxford Dynamic EQ

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