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OverDubber 2 FREE Delay VST Plugin by KlangLabs

OverDubber 2 FREE Delay VST Plugin by KlangLabs

KlangLabs releases OverDubber 2, a new free delay VST plugin for Windows.

OverDubber 2 is the sequel of the first freeware dub delay effect released back in the summer of 2013.

OverDubber 2 free delay VST can be used to get those morphing/distorting Dubstep tails (“Trippy tails”) sound effects.

This plugin is suitable for music styles like Dub, TripHop, DnB, also for EDM build ups when used with its pitch shifter.

This new version comes with some improved internal effects, a bigger user interface and some new features such as the pitch shifting module, a bitcrusher, a new multi-mode filter and the pitch-mod that simulates a reel control which can be used to increase or decrease the amount of the delayed signal.

More features to mention: two-tap delay, MIDI-Learn, panic button, the Explode button, and more others.

“Basically, OverDubber is a stereo delay plugin but it has a filter, a big crusher, a pitch shifter and an automatic stereo pitch LFO in the feedback loop, quite an unusual combo.”

You can download OverDubber 2 free VST plugin from the KVR Audio (check the direct download link below). Note that this free delay plugin is available ONLY for Windows (VST).

Free Download: OverDubber 2



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