Outdoor Skating - Male SFX-Instruments Kontakt Library
Outdoor Skating – Male SFX-Instruments Kontakt

Signo SFX-Instruments new release Outdoor Skating – Male SFX-Instruments Bundle, a new Kontakt sound library that contains sound effects including skating strokes, slide loops, stops, turns, moves and scrapes, different stops lengths, additional moves, short and long scrapes. Includes outdoor male and female Ice Skating SFX-Instruments.

This  Bundle SFX-Instruments includes:

  • Outdoor Skating – Male SFX-Instrument
  • Outdoor Skating – Male Stops SFX-Instrument
  • Outdoor Skating – Male Scrapes-1 SFX-Instrument
  • Outdoor Skating – Male Scrapes-2 SFX-Instrument

This Kontakt Sample Library is available for $34.95.

Update: This Kontakt instrument is not available anymore. Check Kontakt Instruments section at ProducerSpot.com for more Kontakt libraries.




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