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Out Now: Smooth Operator v1.0.1 Update

Smooth Operator VST v1.0.1 Update

This is a multi-effects plug-in that should take care of the sound of the audio and instrument tracks, but also of the complete mix. And that with an intelligent tonal balancer. Behind this is a combination of an equalizer, a spectral compressor, and a resonance suppressor. Thanks to the real-time spectral processing, it should also be suitable for restoration…and things don’t stop there!

Smooth Operator just got smoother!

We’re excited to share v1.0.1 of the Smooth Operator plugin, which introduces a new HIGH-RES algorithm and fixes a bug causing “spectral harmonics” at intensive settings. Update highlights below – download link further below.


  • Smooth Operator’s new HIGH-RES algorithm fixes a behavior that caused “spectral harmonics” when processing low frequencies hard. It also offers a cleaner sound overall, with more depth and definition.
  • HIGH-RES is the new standard algorithm in v1.0.1, but we’ve kept the original algorithm in there as well. Switch between HIGH-RES and CLASSIC modes by clicking the “M” icon in the preset bar.


  • We’ve fixed an issue that caused Smooth Operator to occasionally analyze side-chain inputs inaccurately.


  • v1.0.1 features a number of minor performance improvements as well as a new preset by mix engineer Damien Lewis (Rihanna, Beyoncé, Timbaland).
  • Click the “M” icon to switch between the new HIGH-RES and original CLASSIC modes.

The update is free for all owners and can be downloaded by clicking the link below (use your existing license key to activate). Non-owners are free to download as well and can use the plugin in trial mode.

Buy Link: Smooth Operator

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