Objeq Delay Released by Applied Acoustics Systems

Objeq Delay

Applied Acoustic Systems (AAS) has released Objeq, a new creative delay effect plugin with manufacturer-typical characteristics.

With Objeq delay plugin you can create attractive organic surfaces, complex echo chains and more.

Objeq Delay is a creative effect plug-in that combines acoustic filtering with a delay unit.

Strings, plates, drumhead and beam objects serve as virtual resonance bodies, through which the applied signal – e.g. An electric piano. This gives the signal a whole new character.


  • Real-time control over any parameters via DAW automation
  • Host tempo synchronization for effects and modulations
  • Relaxed editing with unlimited undo/redo capability

Price and Availability

Applied Acoustics Systems Objeq is available until the 15th of May for a reduced price of 99 US dollars at Plugin Boutique website – link below.

The plug-in runs under Windows and Mac in the formats VST, AU and AAX.


Check the video demo below to see Objeq in action:

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