NPD - iOS Synthesizer App

Nikolozi Meladze presented his latest virtual synthesizer designed for iPad called NPD. It is an instrument based on Phase Distortion synthesis.

NPD iOS synthesizer app uses three oscillators (including a sub-oscillator) with the possibility of setting up and adjusting such parameters as SHAPE and HARMONICS, as well as a noise generator. We also have two filters with different operating modes and signal redirection options.

The synthesizer also uses three envelope generators and two LFO generators. The application also offers a modulation matrix and built-in effects (distortion, phaser, chorus, delay).

The new iOS synthesizer is characterized by a fully stereo audio track. The program offers various operating modes (mono and polyphonic, Legato and Glide), on-screen keyboard and easy-to-use graphical interface.

The instrument was also equipped with a library of presets. NPD synthesizer app can work not only as a standalone application but also as an AU plugin for MAC music producers.

The program requires an iPad with iOS 12 and its price is $19.99.

More information: NPD iOS Synth App




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