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Drum Tools Multi-FX Plugin by Nomad Factory

Nomad Factory Drum Tools Plugin

Nomad Factory has released Drum Tools, a multi-FX audio plugin specially designed to be used with your drums.

“Mix your Drums to perfection!”

Nomad Factory Drum Tools plugin offers the main components you need to sculpt perfect drum sounds. You can enhance your Drum tracks using its discretely modeled transistors, tape and tube type algorithms and much more. Finally, you will get that unique vibe you hear on professional recordings!

Nomad Factory Drum Tools GUI

Drum Tools Plugin offers you all the tools you would need when processing each individual drum.  It includes all the Nomad Factory trademark effects, such as Compressor, Convolution Reverb, Gate, Expander, High Pass, Low Pass Filters and amazingly well Tuned EQs and Kit Piece reference presets.

In addition, you can use the DLA2A NF type compressor, an unique vintage compressor that will bring more life into your Drums, make them punchy and add a solid character that will define your tracks. And, using the efficient output stage ‘soft clipper’ will ensure you never go over “0dB”, avoiding unwanted digital distortion. You can now push all controls to the limit!

Features :

  • Pre-Tuned Individual Drum Selector
  • Optical DLA2A NF Compressor
  • Output Stage Soft-Clipping
  • Tube Drive & Solid State Saturation Modeling
  • Tube / Tape / Transformer Modeling
  • Internal Convolution Reverb
  • Gate / Expander / Compressor
  • HP-LP Filters
  • Low & High Tuned EQs

Nomad Factory Drum Tools Plugin is available via for Mac and Windows in AAX, AU and VST plugin formats. It is available at the introductory price of $49 from at DontCrack Store (link below).

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