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Nitroflex 2 Wavetable Synth VST Released by Synthblitz Audio

Nitroflex 2 Wavetable Synth VST

Synthblitz Audio has released Nitroflex 2, the second version for their wavetable VST subtractive synthesizer for Windows.

We had the opportunity to get in touch with the developer, and we asked him what was the idea that led to the creation of this synth:

“The initial idea in 2012 was to develop a synthesizer able to recreate the old-school analog sounds of electronic music. This concept limits the use of the old Nitroflex 1 only to the producers of house and techno music, and so most of the presets were made by chords to be played with just one key, atonal and other strange sounds dedicated to the overview of the underground house music.

Some of my American friends have persuaded me to modify the synth, to make it usable by any type of musician, but without altering the power sound similar to an analogue model. Modifying and improving certain functions in order to create more types of sounds.

Now Nitroflex 2 with its 4 wavetable oscillators plus 1 VA oscillator, 7 envelope’s, 3 LFO’s and an army of filters and effects, may be able to create a huge amount of sounds and play them with the power and warmth of an analog model.

The advantage is that they are not sampled sounds, but sounds that can be created by the final user or easily modified using one of the 1200 internal presets. Nitroflex 2 lets the final user the freedom to create their own sound,developing his imagination and creativity.

Finally, Nitroflex 2 also offers an integrated keyboard that controls a customizable chord generator. This allows the musician to add octaves, or generate complex musical chords, but is also very useful to bring in the world of music the non-musicians, they can play complex chords with a single key.” – says Massimo, the developer of Nitroflex 2 synth.


  • 1200 Presets
  • Preset Browser List
  • 4 stereo wavetable oscillators
  • 1 VA oscillator
  • FM section for 2 oscillators
  • 7 modulation envelopes
  • 3 band Parametric EQ
  • 3 LFO’s
  • Unison up to 7 voices and new algo
  • Reverb, chorus, phaser, distortion, echo
  • 32 step gate-seq
  • Tracking keybord for decay,volume and filters
  • MIDI Learn

This unique wavetable synthesizer is capable to recreate any type of sound needed.

Nitroflex 2 is available only for Windows (VST) via Synthblitz Audio website, priced at €29.

More Details: Nitroflex 2

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