Ninety Phaser Rack Extension for Reason by Synapse Audio

Ninety Phaser Rack Extension for Reason

Synapse Audio has released Ninety, a new Rack Extension for Reason DAW. Ninety is a software emulation of a legendary 1970s phaser.

What makes this phaser unique is the feedback path, which gives the sound a very distinctive character, unlike any other analog phaser. Our emulation employs a zero-delay feedback network, a technique popularized by recent synthesizers, and particularly well suited to emulate analog feedback loops.

The original unit is a mono-in mono-out device with only a Rate knob and a Color switch. The Ninety phaser adds stereo processing, a stereo LFO with adjustable spread and a dry/wet control. The color switch is replaced with a knob for increased versatility. The “Ultra” switch upgrades the network to a 6-stage phaser, allowing to create entirely new sounds not possible with the vintage original.

Ninety Rack Extension for Reason is available at Propllerheads Store priced at 35 EUR.

More Details: Ninety

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