Night Flight Analogue String Ensemble Synthesizer

Night Flight Analogue String Ensemble Synthesizer Plugin by The Interruptor is a new virtual instrument for Windows. This VST plugin emulates strings and keyboards from the 70’s.

“Night Flight” does not use any samples. It is based on an emulation of the ensemble effect first used by Eminent / Solina back in 1972 and an organ-like sound generation (octave divider). You will also find a number of features inspired by other string machines like the 3 band equalizer from the Crumar Performer or the Envelope Filter on the very rare ARP String Synthesizer. Besides the clearly laid out main panel there are 6 sub panels giving access to a large number of under-the-hood parameters like filter and amplifier modulations, ADSR, LFO, keyboard split points, equalizer automation and two additional simultaneous ensemble effects for even thicker pad sounds. Finally there is an onboard effect section providing the typical phasing and delay effects which are essential for some of the best known string machine timbres.

Features of Night Flight Analogue String Ensemble Synthesizer:

  • 3 Oscillators (8 waveforms, pulse width control)
  • Up to three simultaneous ensemble effects modelled on the Eminent/Solina architecture. Full access to the internal parameters of the ensemble effects.
  • Optional divide-down mode featuring organ style phase-locked octaves
  • 3-Band Equalizer: Each band can be configured and automated via the LFO
  • Filter: 5 modes (LP2, LP4, BP, HP2, HP4), resonance, cutoff modulation via ADSR envelope, LFO, velocity or keyfollow

Amplifier section:
– Attack and Release. Decay and Sustain are available as under-the-hood parameters.
– For each oscillator, a simple organ envelope can be selected as an alternative to the ADSR envelope.
1 LFO routable to pitch (vibrato), Filter cutoff or equalizer automation. Optional note sync.
Selectable keyboard split points for bass and string footages

Effects section:
– phaser (two models) + delay/echo
– configurable effect routing

This virtual instrument is available for 24 £.

More Details: The Night Flight

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